Let's start a conversation on SMEAR TESTS badge, awareness pins

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My range of "start a conversation" badges are designed to be worn - when you have the emotional energy, of course - to raise awareness for whatever you want to raise awareness for, to open a dialogue around subjects that you are passionate about and particularly subjects that people generally are unaware of or don't understand very well, like chronic illnesses, disability, mental health, specific physical or mental disorders, gender, social issues, etc.

I'm hoping that these badges can help raise awareness as well as open dialogues around their specific subjects and help us all to understand each other a little better.

These pins are by no means meant to serve as a demand for education or emotional labour. As above, the intention of this range is to be worn by people who WANT to raise awareness and spread eductation and information on a subject they have personal experience with or are passionate about.

These pins are 40x60mm rectangle pin buttons available in two paper types:
Standard white paper: this means the design is printed on basic copy paper and the colours will be pretty normal.
Recycled paper: badges made using recycled paper with have slightly muted colours as the recycled paper is off white.

These pins have metal backs.