Go away necklace, hand stamped jewellery, respect boundaries

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This is a lovely little adjustable cord necklace with a hand stamped aluminium pendant, perfect for letting people know that you don't want to talk to them. ♥ ADJUSTABLE CORD ♥ This necklace comes on a cord and is tied so that the length is adjustable! The maximum length of the cord (independent of the pendant) is approximately 40cm/15.75 inches. The minimum length is approx 22cm/8.65 inches. The cord is hand cut, so the length will vary/may not be exact. Three colour options: red, blue, black. ♥ ALUMINIUM DISC PENDANT ♥ A hammered and hand stamped aluminium disc pendant. Aluminium is great for hand stamped jewellery because it is soft and takes stamping well - it doesn't tarnish, it's light and it doesn't turn your skin green! It may just need an occasional polish with a jewellery cloth, to keep it shiny and lovely. Be careful not to scratch or bash it as, because of the nature of the soft material, it will leave a mark! ♥ HAND STAMPED ♥ Because of the nature of hand stamped jewellery, the letters will not be lined up the same as the photo but this adds character to a piece and it means each necklace is totally unique! ♡ SHIPPING + PROCESSING ♡ All my items are made in house, by me, and they are all made to order (except enamel pins, which are the ONLY "in stock" item I have) - I'm only one person so please be patient. :) Your order is never tracked unless you upgrade at checkout, please do not message me asking for tracking info if you didn't upgrade. I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable). The service used to ship your order depends on where you are and what you order. Please see my FAQs and policies for more details.