Pin types and sizes

This page shows the different sizes and shapes of the pins available in this store. Hello pins are available in all three sizes and in both recycled and standard white paper. Conversation pins are available as rectangle pins only, but still in both recycled and standard white paper.

See images below for size examples.

rectangle pin button

Rectangle pin buttons shown in recycled paper and standard white paper. NB: these paper types just refer to the BASE paper, printed colours will still be printed colours, they'll just appear differently when printed on recycled paper vs when printed on standard white paper.

58mm pin button badge, recycled paper and standard white paper

58mm/2.25" round pins again showing the difference between recycled and standard paper.

44mm vs 58mm pin button badge

A comparison of 44mm/1.75" round pins vs 58mm/2.25" round pins, in both standard and recycled paper types. The coin is shown for size, it's a British 5p which is about the same size as a US dime.

three hello pin button badge sizes, rectangle pins, round name tags

A final photo showing all three hello pins together, from left to right: a 5p coin (roughly the same size as a US dime) for scale, a 44mm/1.75" round pin, a 58mm/2.25" round pin, a 40x60mm rectangle pin. This shows how the rectangle pins are the largest, most clearly readable pins from a distance. These pins are all printed with standard white paper.