Store FAQs

General Refunds and Policies

+ So you changed your mind? +
No problem! Just let me know within 14 days of receiving your order, and ship it back to me (at your cost, I'm afraid!) within 30 days (don't worry, it doesn't have to actually get back to me within 30 days that would be bonkers! Just provide me with proof of postage and I'll refund you once it's back with me in original and saleable condition). This does *not* apply to personalised orders, which are not eligible for refunds or returns unless damaged (or lost in the post - out of my hands but fear not I'll still provide you with a replacement or refund if this happens!)

+ Your item arrived damaged? +
First of all, I'm so sorry! I can't control what the Postal service does with your precious order BUT I can and will fix the issue! Just let me know the gory details (photos of condition and packaging help so I can claim back from the Postal service for their damage!) and from there we can work out a replacement if you'd like, or if you'd prefer I can refund your order since technically you didn't really get what you paid for!

+ My order hasn't arrived yet! +
It's okay, breathe! First things first, please check your confirmation email and my FAQs. There'll be info in there on a) processing times - the time it takes me to me your item(s). Remember, I don't have anything made for me except my enamel pins and also, I only ever "make to order". This means there are never any "ready made"/"Ready to send" items just knocking about in my studio. They're all in bits. I got put those bits together to make your stuff. And voila, some thread, fabric, stabilizer and iron on backing has become your beautiful embroidered patch! In said email and FAQs you'll also find info on my shipping times - these start counting from the date your order ships (not from the date you order, remember that processing time!) And varies based on where you are. See below for those times and a little more info on processing/shipping times.


+ No, Alyce, I've waited patiently and my order *still* hasn't arrived! Help! +
I'm so sorry! In this case, definitely send me a message or email, let me know your order number and I'll investigate. If you didn't upgrade your shipping method the chances are I can't tell you where your order is - but you bet your ass I can replace it or refund you!

Processing Time vs Shipping Time and Estimated Arrival Timeframes

Processing time: the time it takes me to make your items before I send them. Remember where I said I'm a one person show? Well, I'm a one person show. Not just that but all my items are made to order with the only exception being my enamel pins (which are made by a manufacturer external to my studio because my husband takes issue with the idea of me working with molten iron in the house).
Processing time will vary and if you wanna know how long it'll take, just ping me a message. I have a baby son, so I have to work around him. Your patience is much appreciated. I'm not Amazon.
Shipping times start AFTER processing time has elapsed - this means that shipping time counts from the date of dispatch of your items (not from the date you ordered your items). You'll get a confirmation email when I dispatch your order, so you can count shipping time from there. Shipping estimates based on location are as follows (I'm in the UK, remember!) and are taking into account delays due to COVID19:
UK: 1-2 weeks
Europe: 2-4 weeks
US: 4-6 weeks
Canada: 8+ weeks
Oceania: 6-8 weeks
Rest of World: 4-8 weeks

Can you rush my order?

In a word? No.
Sorry. I do not offer a rush service. This is because a) I will not prioritise any customer over any other except based on the order that their order came in, b) I'm incredibly busy already because I run several businesses/shops and c) I have a toddler. 'Nuff said.
I also cannot ship your order on a non business day (i.e. a weekend day or a national/public holiday) as my post is collected and my collection driver won't be coming to get my post on those days.

I just placed my order but I changed my mind/my address was incorrect/I want to add more!

Panic not! Let's address this in order...

+You changed your mind? +
(and I have not made/shipped your order yet)
No problem, contact me and I'll refund and cancel your order.

+Wrong address? +
Also not an issue, contact me and give me the right address, and as long as it's in the same country (and thus the same shipping cost) I'll change it and send it to the address you request. Unfortunately though if you paid by paypal I can't do this - you'll have to cancel and order again (PayPal policies, sorry!)

+ You wanna add more though? Nice! +
Let me know and then you can place another order and what I'll do is refund the second lot of postage so you're not paying twice and so I can send your order in one package (I won't send two packages to the same place if you've ordered them in time for them to be shipped together because that's a waste of money and resources!)

What service is used to ship my order?

I always ship with Royal Mail. I ship every week day; I don't ship on the weekends.
UK: I mostly ship second class but some things go first class (jewellery, patches, zines, greeting cards, prints). You can always upgrade if you want but first class doesn't necessarily make it arrive quicker than second class.
Outside UK: default is International Standard (Airmail) - I won't send Economy (land/sea mail), despite it being cheaper, because it takes a million years to arrive.
Your order is NOT TRACKED as standard.
You can upgrade to a tracked service at checkout BUT except in the case of UK next day, this doesn't make anything any quicker. Processing time also does not change.
Need it yesterday? PLEASE message me BEFORE you order.

Why is the shipping cost not just the cost of the stamp/service used?

Shipping, or postage and packing, is just that: postage AND packing.
The postage cost covers not only the cost of a stamp/the service used but will also include the cost of packaging material (envelopes, customs labels, address labels); it also covers maintenance, platform fees and the cost of mail collection from my premises; it also includes time spent packaging your order and getting it ready in mail sacks, labelled for collection.
I keep postal costs down as much as possible, but they need to be covered. Don't worry, I don't make any extra money from shipping! If I think you've been overcharged (sometimes happens if you buy a lot, or because of a glitch) I'll refund you any shipping overages.

What if I don't pick my order up, or my order is undelivered and gets returned to you?

Your order may get returned to me if it's undeliverable (I.e. If you have given the wrong address or an old address and the package has been rejected), or if you don't collect your order from your local depot where it may be held for a set time following non-delivery.
If your order gets returned to me, you have two options.
Either you can get a refund (full item cost, plus standard shipping - this means if you paid for express or tracked, you only get the cost of the standard shipping back, minus the cost of any upgrade).
Your other option is redelivery. You may request to have your order resent; but you will need to pay the shipping cost again (this is to be paid via PayPal).

Do you use plastic packaging?

All of my packaging is plastic free and recycled and/or recyclable. I print my order forms on recycled eco paper and your order will be packaged in a paper candy bag within a card envelope. I may also use a bit of paper tape to seal the envelope.
Some orders have to be sent in mailer bags but they're biodegradable and I've made the switch to biodegradable cello bags for packaging prints and greeting cards!
All my packaging is very, very minimal (I don't even use backing cards on my enamel pins) and is all recyclable or compostable. I'm not about pumping extra garbage into the earth when we're already on the verge of an environmental crisis, so please don't expect a lot of bells and whistles (see: unnecesary fancy stuff like sweets and such) at the expense of our planet.

Alyce, my item broke, what's up!

Well I'm real sorry to hear that! Contact me, first of all, and let me know what happened. It's super rare but it does happen and I'm always willing to replace or refund, of course! I've had a few issues with weird aluminum bracelet breakages resulting from faulty blanks and also one time I had a holographic pin where the front fell off! So definitely contact me if anything like that happens and I'll sort it!

I can't iron on this bloody patch, your instructions are rubbish!

Alright pal take it easy. Just send me a message if you're having trouble with the iron on instructions and also remember that you gotta follow them down to the letter - no trying to test/move your patch adherence before it's cooled down! And also keep in mind that I always always recommend support stitching ESPECIALLY on weird shaped patches (e.g. the pronoun patches) but not with a sewing machine because the iron on backing I use will gum up your needle.

Do you do custom/personalised orders/take suggestions?

I do not take custom orders. Unfortunately I'm simply too busy. Also... this may sound kinda mean but I don't really want to do custom orders. I want to do what I want to do. That's why I'm self employed. I don't like to be told what to do.
I do take requests - check out the sidebar where you'll see a "request a pin!" tab. Hit that, it'll take you to a google form that'll explain everything.

Do you do wholesale?

Any pins, patches, zines, cards or prints can be ordered in bulk and I can provide a wholesale price upon request, just ping me a message! There is a minimum unit order for bulk discounts; the more you order the better deal you'll get, from 30% off up to 60% off.
Any limited items are, of course, limited. If there are 15 left then sure thing you can have 15 but there are no price breaks on these prints. The reason for that is usually because they're for a cause (e.g. a charity).

How do I look after my print?

Do make sure you have a think about where you put your prints. All the inks I use are archival, which means they're lightfast... but no lightfastness is totally infinite. I'd recommend not hanging your print in the line of direct, constant sunlight. But other than that, your print should be with you a very very long time with minimal to zero change in appearance/colour.

The inks and paper I use mean that your print will last 99 years out of an album and 200 years in an album, so your print is probably gonna outlast you (sorry) - and that, my friends, is why they ain't what one would consider cheap.

For holo prints, be really careful how you handle them because they're prone to taking fingerprints which can be pretty noticeable! As with above, try not to hang them where they'll be continually exposed to direct sunlight.


How do I use the badge deal listings?

Shopify doesn't have a native personalisation box function in the store so what you gotta do is pop what you want in your cart, for example, a "let's start a conversation" deal for four pins, then drop the pins you want in the "note to seller" section at checkout. If you don't do this, I'll have to cancel your order because I'll have no idea which pins you want in your deal. (Can't read minds, sorry!)