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This t-shirt features a vinyl design in one of four colour combos (see below) on a gorgeous high quality round neck tee. The design is a lovely heart over the left breast with cutout lettering that reads "I am a product of the formidable, powerful, unstoppable activists who came before me". The perfect addition to your wardrobe for a simple but also cute reminder. ♡ COLOUR COMBOS ♡ Always remember colours will vary from screen to screen. Pink on black: a bright pink heart on a black tee. Pink on white: a bright pink heart on a white tee. Black on white: a black heart on a white tee. White on black: a white heart on a black tee. ♡ SIZE CHART ♡ PLEASE check this size chart before you order - I've measured these shirts myself to make sure all the inch measurements are accurate! The size label on the tee you receive may be different (if you order an XXS, it will say XS, and if you order an XS, it will say S - this is because I've had to span two different styles of tee to make my sizing as inclusive as possible). The measurements taken "across front of chest" are measured with the shirt lying on a flat surface, from pit to pit - I measured these all myself to make this size chart as accurate as possible. + XXS - 35" chest size (17.5" across front of chest) + XS - 39" chest size (19.5" across front of chest) + S - 42" chest size (21" across front of chest) + M - 44" chest size (22" across front of chest) + L - 45" chest size (22.5" across front of chest) + XL - 47" chest size (23.5" across front of chest) + 2XL - 51" chest size (25.5" across front of chest) + 3XL - 54" chest size (27" across front of chest) + 4XL - 60" chest size (30" across front of chest) + 5XL - 63" chest size (31.5" across front of chest) + 6XL - 69" chest size (34.5" across front of chest) There's also a version of the size chart in the images on this listing if you'd prefer to look at that - just make sure you check sizing before you order. :) I make sure to scale the designs on larger t-shirt sizes so you don't have a ridiculously teeny weeny design on a large tee. :) If you're not sure what size to get just give me a message and I'll be happy to help! ♡ DETAILS ♡ My tees are soft, high quality and well made - they're also unfitted and unisex. I get the blanks from Kustom Kit, who are an ethical brand! Sizes XXS and XS are 140gsm 100% ringspun combed cotton fashion fit tees with a round neck and a slim fit cut. Sizes S-6XL are 180gsm 100% ringspun combed cotton with open sleeves (i.e. the sleeves are a bit bigger/wider). The design is applied myself with my own two hands with the aid of a heat press. The designs are made from high quality heat transfer vinyl (this is cut on a cutting machine and then I weed out all the bits that don't want to be transferred to the t-shirt!) ♡ CARE INSTRUCTIONS ♡ Pretty simple - just wash them on 40 degrees C or lower (30 will be ideal, that is what I've tested them on!) and to prolong the life of your shirt, turn them inside out before washing. DO NOT tumble dry, and DO NOT iron directly on the design. Don't fret though, I send a little care instruction sheet out with every order. If you lose yours, just ping me a message and I'll send you a digital copy of the care instructions but generally it's as above! ♡ T-SHIRT FAQ ♡ ~ Why are your shirts more expensive than others? The blank t-shirts I use are expensive because they're high quality and I also have to pay myself a living wage because I make every t-shirt myself, to order. I also refuse to charge extra for larger sizes, that's shitty. ~But why should I pay the same if I'm getting a smaller size? To be honest the costs actually even out. The larger blank tees are more expensive to buy but the vinyl for the smaller tees is a pain in the butt to weed (prepare to press) so takes WAY longer, and I have to pay myself for that time. But if you have an issue with me charging the same price across all sizes then you're more than welcome to shop elsewhere. ;) ~ What's with the sizing? When I ordered these tees I realised that when I measured them, the measurements were pretty wildly different from the measurements provided by the retailer. So I measured them myself to make sure my sizing chart is super accurate. ~ Why are the smaller tees made from a lighter cotton? The XXS and XS tees are 140gsm and the S-6XL are 180gsm. They're both 100% ringspun combed cotton, very high quality and super soft, with side seams so they don't do that horrible twisty thing where you're wearing them and they twist around and get all uncomfortable. The reason for the difference in material weight is because I wanted my sizing inclusive, from super small sizes (35" chest) up to larger sizes (69" chest). ~ How are your tees made? I make all my tees myself (from a printing and design perspective, I don't actually *make* the t-shirts themselves, obviously. I'm not that good). No factory jobs here. I design them myself, weed the vinyl, line up the design, press the tee and make sure it's the highest quality I can possibly give you. ♡ SHIPPING INFO ♡ These tees are packaged in the most amazing biodegradable bags! Not only are they in line with the law so can go in your garden waste bin, but they also have a second glue strip so you can reuse it before it heads to decomposing bag heaven! I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable) and it depends on what you order as to which service is used. Please see my FAQs (to the left!) for more details.