Do not mistake my kindness for weakness patch, inclusive feminism embroidered patches

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A gorgeous medium sized embroidered patch with a black background and border to really make the hand lettered yellow text stand out. The text reads "do not mistake my kindness for weakness" in capital letters. It's alright to be kind to everyone and I think that's how the world should be - but I don't also think that you shouldn't rescind that kindness if someone decides to be unkind to you. Keep your spaces inclusive and accessible, be kind and stay gentle - but take no shit. ♡ Every patch is made by me, in house, using an embroidery machine - so exciting (except when the needle breaks!) - these are made to order so be sure to check processing time! ♡ This patch has iron on interfacing on the back - application instructions come with your patch and I'd always recommend adding some support stitching too! ♡ Size: approx 11.5cm wide by 8cm at the tallest point (4.5" by 3.15") - may vary eeeever so slightly, patches are hand finished ♡ High quality embroidery thread on cotton canvas with mesh stabiliser ♡ Colours may vary slightly due to different device screens - if you want different colours let me know (before you order please!); patches are made to order so a colour change won't cost extra unless I have to buy a colour of thread specifically for you ♡ Hand finished, so there may be some very minor differences from the image - remember, you're buying handmade so your patch is totally unique! ♡ ♡ SHIPPING + PROCESSING ♡ All my items are made in house, by me, and they are all made to order (except enamel pins, which are the ONLY "in stock" item I have) - I'm only one person so please be patient. :) Your order is never tracked unless you upgrade at checkout, please do not message me asking for tracking info if you didn't upgrade. I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable). The service used to ship your order depends on where you are and what you order. Please see my FAQs and policies for more details.