Dry wipe DID/OSDD/plural pin

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A HUGE can't-miss-it pin that you can fill in yourself, for those who are systems/plural/with DID/OSDD.

This pin has three choices for the top wording (the words above the blank spaces to be filled):
- We have DID (this is the version shown in the photos)
- We have OSDD
- We are plural

There are two white spaces to be filled in with the name of who is fronting and their pronouns.
You can get this pin with or without a dry wipe pen :)

Only for use with dry wipe pens (e.g. whiteboard pens). Regular pen may not come off.
Obviously in buying this you are accepting that dry wipe pen does... well, wipe off. This is meant to be a changeable pin, not a permanent pin, so if you wear in it a high traffic area, some of your written text may come off - but of course, that's the point.

Before you buy this, please just be aware of the size - I'm not the one who's gonna look like a right plum when you leave a weird review saying it's way bigger than you thought it'd be.

These pins are 75mm (3") in size aka frickin' huge [see photo with English 5p, which is roughly the same as a US dime] and have a metal back with a sturdy pin across the back.