Holographic sticker, spread love not hate, feminist gift

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This gorgeous "holographic star" sticker is the very first Doodlepeople sticker and I'm super over the moon with how it turned out! This holographic sticker paper creates beautiful rainbow sparkles whichever way you turn it to catch the light, with vibrant colours and great saturation of black outlines, anything you put this on will certainly stand out! ♥ MATERIAL ♥ This holographic sticker paper has stars all over it and is super shiny and slightly tacky on the surface. It is UNCOATED which makes these stickers UNSUITABLE FOR OUTSIDE USE. They are not waterproof, but they're slightly splash proof. ♥ SIZE ♥ These stickers are approximately 10cm wide (measured across the widest point from the end of the ribbon on the left to the side of the ribbon on the right); and 8.5cm tall, measured from the top of the biggest sparkle to the bottom tip of the heart. This translates to 3.9" wide by 3.3" tall and makes these stickers pretty darn big - check out the second photo of me holding the sticker in my hand! ♥ STICKING TO ROUNDED OBJECTS ♥ This sticker paper is preeeetty thick, so I'd personally stick to flat surfaces. The adhesive is very good so you definitely could try sticking to a water bottle or a helmet, but be aware you may see the edges poking/peeling up due to the thickness of this sticker paper. ♥ COLOURS ♥ Do be aware that colours will always vary between monitors - and from monitor to the tangible item. ♡ SHIPPING + PROCESSING ♡ All my items are made in house, by me, and they are all made to order (except enamel pins, which are the ONLY "in stock" item I have) - I'm only one person so please be patient. :) Your order is never tracked unless you upgrade at checkout, please do not message me asking for tracking info if you didn't upgrade. I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable). The service used to ship your order depends on where you are and what you order. Please see my FAQs and policies for more details.