Not ur baby pastel dad hat, feminist cap

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- 100% Chino cotton.
- Low profile six panel design.
- Soft and unstructured, with a curved peak.
- Lil stitched holes for breathability.
- Adjustable buckle back with a cute lil pocket to tuck the excess strap into (this is super cool and v convenient so you don't have a big ol' strip of fabric flapping around at the back if you've got a hat on a small size.

So, the hats themselves are apparently sponge clean only and I'm reluctant to stray away from that recommendation. The vinyl I use is high quality and machine-wash proof without lifting, but I cannot account for how the hat would hold up if you tossed it in your machine. If you were so inclined, I'd recommend a delicates wash BUT I WILL NOT cover a replacement if you ruin your hat putting it in your washing machine, let me be clear on that haha.