Representation matters badge, social justice button or magnet

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Representation matters! POC, disabilities, queerness (including asexuality!), non binary genders... All is deserving of representation because it's all OKAY and the way to let people - especially children - know that they aren't alone in how they feel and identify is to work hard to REPRESENT. Get a single badge or grab a pack of five, eight or twelve to share with your friends (or chuck at bigots, it's up to you). The more you buy, the cheaper it is per badge! :) These badges are 25mm (1") in size and will have a plastic or a metal pinback, depending on current pin component stock. Photographed next to a 5p (about the size of a US dime) to show exactly how TINY they are. They're super durable (I've even put mine in the wash by mistake and it survived, though I wouldn't recommend it). You now have the option of having your badge made with either standard white paper, or recycled paper. The recycled paper has a warm grey colour rather than a crisp white like the standard white paper, is slightly textured and of course is much better for the environment! Choose your preference in the drop down variation and see photos for some side-by-side comparisons. If you're choosing a multiple badge deal - all of the badges will be made with your paper choice. You can now get this badge as a fridge magnet too, just select the option from the dropdown menu! ♡ SHIPPING + PROCESSING ♡ All my items are made in house, by me, and they are all made to order (except enamel pins, which are the ONLY "in stock" item I have) - I'm only one person so please be patient. :) Your order is never tracked unless you upgrade at checkout, please do not message me asking for tracking info if you didn't upgrade. I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable). The service used to ship your order depends on where you are and what you order. Please see my FAQs and policies for more details.