They he patch, embroidered pronoun patches

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This adorable monochrome "they he" dual pronouns patch features my own hand lettering and a black stitch background. With a white satin stitch border and white cursive that reads "they he", this patch will make the perfect addition to your bag or jacket. Its thin/lightweight nature also makes it ideal for withstanding the everyday movement of clothing, but you'll definitely want to add a few support stitches after ironing it onto your garment of choice to make sure it's secure due to the irregular shape. These patches used to be made with a lightweight polycotton background fabric, which is still reflected in the photos (though I will be changing them over soon) - but they are now made "fully stitched" which makes them sturdier and also makes them look much nicer! ♡ Every patch is made by me, in house, using an embroidery machine - so exciting (except when the needle breaks!) - these are made to order so be sure to check processing time! ♡ This patch has iron on interfacing on the back - application instructions come with your patch and I'd always recommend adding some support stitching too! (Especially for patches like this that have an irregular shape/border!) ♡ Size: approx 8cm tall by 9cm at the widest points (3.15" by 3.5") - may vary eeeever so slightly, patches are hand finished ♡ High quality embroidery thread on poly-cotton fabric with mesh stabiliser ♡ Colours may vary slightly due to different device screens - if you want different colours let me know (before you order please!); patches are made to order so a colour change won't cost extra unless I have to buy a colour of thread specifically for you ♡ Hand finished, so there may be some very minor differences from the image - remember, you're buying handmade so your patch is totally unique! ~ Want different pronouns but ended up at the wrong listing? No problem - just select your pronouns from the drop down menu! The patch will be in the same cursive style. :) ♡ SHIPPING + PROCESSING ♡ All my items are made in house, by me, and they are all made to order (except enamel pins, which are the ONLY "in stock" item I have) - I'm only one person so please be patient. :) Your order is never tracked unless you upgrade at checkout, please do not message me asking for tracking info if you didn't upgrade. I don't use plastic packaging (or if I do it's recycled/recyclable). The service used to ship your order depends on where you are and what you order. Please see my FAQs and policies for more details.